The Little Birdy That Could

One thing I seem to do on a fairly regular basis is rescue animals.  Maybe it’s my calling and I’ve been missing it all this time; who could know?  I volunteer for a cat shelter, who send me out to pick up strays and abandoned kittens, and I quite often rescue small mammals and birds from the jaws of death on my own property.   Although the resident poosycats, Bilbo and Spiffy, would prefer to be referred to as ‘Wildlife Control Officers’, don’t listen to them.  They’re renowned for putting a positive spin on every evil deed….

One night recently, I witnessed Spiffy whizz by the loungeroom window, and in the brief streak of light I saw he had something in his mouth.  The constant jingling of the bell on his collar was also a dead giveaway.  He likes to play ‘Toss’ with his prey.   He thinks it’s fabulous fun.  Me?  Not so much…

I sprinted outside, grabbed Spiffy by the scruff of the neck, growled and shook him until he let go of what I thought was a mouse, but instead I found this little guy:

Little Birdy

Cute, huh?  Talkative, too.  In fact, so talkative that I had to put him outside in the garage for the night, because he wouldn’t shut the feck up. 

Next day, I took him here:


Just up the road and luckily a vet that specialises in native wildlife… 

So, despite being mauled by what must have looked to him like a gigantic, fanged monster from hell, it looked like he was going to live to tell the tale, although it was unlikely he would see his family again….

After that, I was feeling pretty good about my place in the world,  so I thought I’d take a drive down the coast:


… which was rather nice, but really, driving and taking photographs at the same time is not something you should try at home, mmkay kids?

I did stop for the sunset:


… which was quite lovely.   By that time I was feeling extremely Zen and well connected to nature, so just before the sun went down, I stopped at the National Park up the road from my house in the hope of seeing some of these little fellas:


Kangaroos make me very, very happy.  There are more of them than you can see, they’re just too far away to pick up at dusk with a camera.   I visit them quite regularly.  They’re my furry little friends.  Actually, they’re not that little; I know who would come off second best in a fight…

It was a good day…

I just hope I don’t have to see another potential kill in the forseeable future.  Because really,  I’d rather not have to rescue anything…

Song of the day: Jarvis Cocker – (Cunts Are Still) Running The World


  1. Tommy said,

    April 4, 2007 at 11:20 pm

    Am I your first comment?! Sweet. I’m digging the layout. Very nice.

    I’ve always kinda liked kangaroos (or is it Kangarooi?)as well. I have no reason why, I just do. They just have that, “I’m a kangaroo, I’ll do what I want to” attitude.

  2. Vanessa said,

    April 5, 2007 at 2:38 am

    Why, yes you are, and thanks :). You should get a prize for that. Mind you, it wasn’t hard for you to be, judging by the fact that you’re pretty much the only person who knows I’m here… heh.

    Hah! Kangarooi? Kangari? Nah, kangaroos will do fine. They’re funny animals because they’re cute and timid, but on the other hand they have this almost swaggering attitude… and I tell ya, I wouldn’t want to fuck with them…

    I love kangaroos. I get all excited when I see them like a little kid, hehe. I dig that I can see them in the wild, 5 minutes from my house. I’ve never had that privelege before..

    Man, I really need to talk to you abouut these widgets..

  3. Maree said,

    April 9, 2007 at 4:43 am

    I think that Vet used to be a Pizza Hut, or something like that…Thankfully Conchie doesn’t attack birds and play with them, but sad to say she grabs the occasional lizard and glad to say she diposes of the odd rat here n there … anyway, if you love kangas you should pop up to Pinnaroo Memorial Valley thingy as there are pooloads of them there (in case you didn’t know)

  4. Vanessa said,

    April 9, 2007 at 7:06 am

    Oh, Pinnaroo is wonderful! And it’s literally less than 5 minutes up the road. I’m between there and Yellagonga. Kangaroo poo heaven!

    *sigh* My boys are quite indiscriminate. If it’s small and it moves, it’s fair game. Especially Spiffy…

    Thanks for stopping by, you beautiful woman, you. xxx

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