Let’s Disco…. Baby

So, Jules and I were having a conversation on one of my blogs, about cheesy videos on YouTube.

She told me, she’d just been watching a video on ‘How to do ‘The Hustle”.  

Y’know…. the disco dance craze from the ’70’s.

I was then reminded of one of my favourite videos in the vast YouTube cannon. 

Oh, it just thrills me…

I’m not quite sure what that says about me, except that I have an extreme fetish for CHEEEZE.

I’m a bit of a disco queen, myself.  Ever since I picked up a second hand vinyl copy of ‘Let’s Disco!’ and the accompanying instructional book around 15 years ago. 

“Step round, back, and together with the right…”  

I should offer lessons.  Any takers?

Although, I may not be as good as the man with the smooth moves in this video… 

I also don’t recall ever learning that step he does in the last 30 seconds.  I wonder if it has a name?  You have to admit, it’s fairly impressive…. [snicker]

Now, make sure you have your dancing shoes ready.  Those Finnish peeps really know how to get their groove on….

**WARNING:  Do not eat or consume fizzy beverages for the duration of this video.

I’m in love with all the ladies’ shoes…

I’m also intrigued as to how the woman goes through all the instructional part at the beginning, only to jig about doing her own thing when the party really gets going.  What’s all that about?

Those crazy Scandinavians…


Coming soon:  EUROVISION!!!  YAY!!!!


Song Of The Day – Van McCoy – The Hustle