I Am An Addict

I have a confession to make.

I have developed an addiction.

An addiction to vintage handbags.

It’s always been there, but it’s grown to the point where I am seriously considering putting a ban on myself from logging into eBay ever again.

Then again, whatever makes you happy, right? It’s more fun and useful than collecting souvenir teaspoons.

I thought I’d show you my winning bids from the last couple of weeks. Who doesn’t like to look at pretty things?


This rather jolly looking 70’s number is a great size, in excellet condition and arrived on my doorstep from the UK this week. Needs to lose a certain musty odour, but at least that lets you know it’s not a fake.

Unlike this one:


…which I also now have in my possession and is NOT vintage, as advertised. Farkinell. You can’t bloody well trust anyone these days. The only reason I’m not going to kick up a fuss, is that despite the false advertsing, it is a lovely bag with very dense beading. I’ll definitely get some use out of it and I didn’t pay much.




Another 70’s vision, which also arrived this week. My mum had handbags like this when I was a kid. It’s leather, of course and very roomy. I took it out with me when I went out for lunch this week and I couldn’t be happier. Especially considering it only cost me AU$15.




So, not only do I have a fetish for vintage handbags in general, but also a fetish for pretty much anything made by Enid Collins in the 1960’s. This box bag is one of her creations. It arrived in the mail today and it is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, much nicer than in the photo. Yay!

It’s also cute when you open it up….



And whilst we’re on an automotive tangent….


This is another Enid Collins (Collins of Texas) bag I managed to get my grubby little paws on. Woohoo!




This tooled leather 70’s bag was apparently once used in a movie. Which movie that was, nobody seems to be quite sure…. I’ll er… keep an eye out.




This one I adore. It’s so pretty and unusual. I’m already scoping out places to put it on display… Hmm. Maybe it will make a nice jewellery box…

Other perspectives:

dscf0015_051.jpg dscf0019_035.jpg


And finally….


Another Enid Collins creation from the 60’s. So pretty…. [sigh]



So, you see why I need help? This infatuation is starting to get out of control. I wonder if there is a treatment centre for handbag addiction. I think I need some aversion therapy.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to log into eBay…. to leave some feedback. Yeah, that’s it…….



Song of the Day – The Rezillos – Somebody’s Going To Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight



Let’s Disco…. Baby

So, Jules and I were having a conversation on one of my blogs, about cheesy videos on YouTube.

She told me, she’d just been watching a video on ‘How to do ‘The Hustle”.  

Y’know…. the disco dance craze from the ’70’s.

I was then reminded of one of my favourite videos in the vast YouTube cannon. 

Oh, it just thrills me…

I’m not quite sure what that says about me, except that I have an extreme fetish for CHEEEZE.

I’m a bit of a disco queen, myself.  Ever since I picked up a second hand vinyl copy of ‘Let’s Disco!’ and the accompanying instructional book around 15 years ago. 

“Step round, back, and together with the right…”  

I should offer lessons.  Any takers?

Although, I may not be as good as the man with the smooth moves in this video… 

I also don’t recall ever learning that step he does in the last 30 seconds.  I wonder if it has a name?  You have to admit, it’s fairly impressive…. [snicker]

Now, make sure you have your dancing shoes ready.  Those Finnish peeps really know how to get their groove on….

**WARNING:  Do not eat or consume fizzy beverages for the duration of this video.

I’m in love with all the ladies’ shoes…

I’m also intrigued as to how the woman goes through all the instructional part at the beginning, only to jig about doing her own thing when the party really gets going.  What’s all that about?

Those crazy Scandinavians…


Coming soon:  EUROVISION!!!  YAY!!!!


Song Of The Day – Van McCoy – The Hustle

Vinyl Beauties – Part 1

I have an enormous collection of vinyl records.  I mean, too bloody big.  Around 900+ albums and God knows how many singles (45’s).  Could be around the same number.  I can’t play any of them because both my turntables are out of order, but I just can’t let go.  I’ve given away a few albums over the years and regretted it.  Still.  So, I lug them around from house to house…

I’ve been collecting records since I was a kid.  Pre-teen.  I was earning my own money from the age of 9, and what did I spend it on?  Yup.  You got it.

I was obsessed with music.  Not much has changed in that regard, except that I’m running out of space.   Records take up a LOT of space.  

I worked for a huge record company for a couple of years and had access to their entire back catalogue.  Holy Jeebus.  I went nuts.  They probably got the bill after I left, heh.   My CD collection is almost as large as my vinyl, or possibly larger.  I’ve never counted.

Part of the reason I hang onto records, is because I love the big covers.  There was nothing quite like lying on your bed, listening to your new purchase and examining the artwork and words in fine detail.  Ahhh… memories.  CD’s just aren’t the same…

Occasionally I still buy vinyl secondhand, if I see a cover I really like.  Covers were and are, that cool…

For some time now, I’ve been collecting pictures of joyous vinyl album covers I’ve come across online.  There are too many to post in one hit, so I’m starting a series:


I hate to say it, but she reminds me of me when I’ve had a few too many to drink.  Well, I don’t generally try to set my face on fire and I only smoke when I’m very sloshed, but she speaks to me.  Hah!  Almost makes you want to hear ‘Bolero’ again, eh?


Doesn’t everybody love Herb?  This album cover has been parodied numerous times, I believe most famously by Soul Asylum. They had the best covers in the 60’s….


Well, isn’t Eddie a lucky guy?  Who would think there would be naked, piano crawling beauties at the Open Face Sandwich Club? 


Someone I know saw this recently and said at first glance, “That’s hot!!”.  Umm.. ok.  Apparently women on the toilet turn him on…  Hey, what ever floats yer boat, I say.  I think Millie Jackson (is she related??)  is just feeling wholly satisfied for being back where the shit is.  By the look on her face, she’s been waiting a long time. 


Well, what can you say except, WHAT THE FUCK??  At least he gives a warning for sensitive eyes, but not before you’ve seen the rest.  Not that I’m offended. I’m just trying to work out what the hell is going on here… Is there a point?

I’m sure someone has an explanation.  If not feasible, at least amusing…

I’ll just leave you with those for now.  Vinyl albums that most likely will never be released on CD and if they were available digitally, what would be the point?

Vinyl rules, ok.

More to come…..


Song Of The Day – James Brown – King Heroin

You like what??

Hello.  My name is Vanessa, and I am slightly unusual.

Well, maybe a little more than slightly…

I happily sit outside the circle, to the left.  It’s where I’ve always lived.  It’s nice.  They know me here.

I’m not crazy.  I just like different things to ‘most people’.

I like Test Patterns.


I really do.

I even have a favourite Test Pattern.

Check it out:


When I was a kid I would always wake up too early for TV and this is what I saw when I turned on the box.  Can you see why I was fascinated?  A spooky looking little girl who always looked to me like her head was about to begin turning 360’s, and as for that clown thing….  I’m not generally afraid of clowns, I just think they’re stupid.  But that weirdo clown paired with the girl like they’re ACTUALLY PLAYING NOUGHTS AND CROSSES, that creeped me the fuck out, like it’s alive or something.   And, what is with that clown’s body?? 

Useless trivia:   This Test Pattern has a name.  It’s ‘Test Card F’, and it’s a creation of the BBC in the UK.  They’re playing noughts and crosses so the TV cameras could have something to focus on in the centre of the picture.  Hence, the placement of the ‘X’. 

Then there’s this one:


Familiar to viewers of televisual pictures in 30 different countries.  Not seen quite so often these days, due to most TV stations broadcasting 24 hours.   I like the geometric shapes and vague optical illusions.  I like the colours and shades.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy, like my favourite teddy bear.  No, I’m not kidding.

So, imagine my joy at finding this for sale online:


Orrrrhhh!   Test Pattern Watch!!

I’m tempted…. Oh, so tempted….

Song Of The Day:   Sigur Ros – Glosoli